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tv   Early Start  CNN  January 23, 2013 2:00am-4:00am PST

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milli vanilli songs, it doesn't get better than kicking back on a cold night with a little "girl you know it's true." ♪ girl, you know it's true ♪ girl you know it's true >> not to mention even if beyonce did lip sync and, girl, you know it's true, she's got to be the best lip syncer on the planet. she looked amazing, sounded amazing. it wasn't like she turned the inauguration into an ashleigh simpson "snl" moment. ♪ on a monday i am waiting ♪ tuesday i am fading ♪ >> oof, so painful after all these years, still hurts.
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speaking of painful to people who are apoplectic about whether beyonce lip synced talk to me after you got on the stage in front of the president of the united states and hundreds of thousands to sing the national anthem in 40-degree weather. that bomb is bursting in air on the ridiculist. thanks for watching. "early start" begins now. americans are shivering. deadly cold affecting millions this morning. windchills dipping into the negative double digits. >> mega brr. in just a few hours, hillary clinton's long a wrwaited testiy on the attack that killed one of her ambassadors. ♪ the bombs bursting in air anthem gate. was beyonce's rendition pre-recorded? good morning and welcome to
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"early start.start." >> we are completely live this morning. it is wednesday, january 23rd, 5:00 a.m. in the east. up first, bitter blistering freezing and deadly. >> reporter:s reports of at least four deaths in an arctic blast and the cold will not loosen its grip for a while. jennifer is following the severe cold from atlanta. >> i know you're probably wondering when are we going to start to see some warmer temperatures. we are still dealing with the bitter cold out there and this is still going to be dangerous. look at some of the windchills that have been reported over the last six hours. minus 20 in oakland, pennsylvania. look at the numbers for parts of the midwest. we have 7 degrees in minneapolis, certainly an improvement over the last couple days. but keep in mind we are still
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talking about wind out there and it that wind is what's providing that deadly windchill. we talked about this over the last couple days. say if you're outside for roughly about ten minutes and minus 30 windchill, you could suffer frostbite. if you look across parts of the northeast, all that cold air has been spread over toward areas like pennsylvania as well as new york where we have a reading of 6 degrees right now in altoona, scranton, and you add in the wind, it feels like minus 6. for new york, i imagine going out to work this morning, it was mighty cold out there. my in us 1 feels like there. and for areas like portland, minus 14. so what is going to happen today? we still have this windchill advisory in place for parts of the upper midwest, the northern plain, we could still see the windchills dropping down to about minus 25. as we spread into areas like cleveland, up to buffalo, especially areas that are dealing with the lake-effect snow, it's going to feel like minus 10 to minus 120. so what this means is you really want to make sure you are putting on a lot of layers
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outside if you work out doors, maybe you can try to see if you can go to work maybe next week sometimes. because you really need to avoid these conditions. we'll talk more about the lake effect though coming up in about 20 minutes. >> those numbers are eye popping. and from personal experience, it was really, really cold this morning. >> i know it was. a 22-year-old man facing assault charges following tuesday's shooting on the campus of lone star college in houston. three people were wounded, including a campus maintenance worker. another person on the scene was treated for what appeared to be a heart attack. students describe a scene of utter chaos on campus. some people hiding under desks, others just simply ran for their lives. even lavin dare rendera is liven houston. what happened and why? >> reporter: well, overnight, we have learned from authorities here in houston that they have charged 22-year-old carlton berry with aggravated assault and he's still being treated for
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wounds that he suffered in the hospital, as well. it's not clear if other chances will be filed, but that's the latest that the authorities have released. as apparently mr. berry and another man got into an altercation, an argument that according to witnesses just started escalating when the shots were fired. multiple shots were fired that wounded the second person as well as that maintenance worker who was just standing nearby and was wounded in the leg. he is also being treated in the hospital, as well. so chaotic situation you can imagine for these students who were just going about their business on this campus. the the echos of all the different types of news stories that we've heard across the country frightened them tremendously as the shots were ringing out. >> one person charged. >> all of a sudden i heard backfiring and people started
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running in the hallways. >> reporter: we're near the airport here in houston, so that was an airplane flying over as we were begin to go talk. but one of the witnesses talking yesterday said that it was bizarre how everything escalated so quickly and from the aller indications and some witnesses standing just a few feet away, they were trying to figure out how it could have escalated to something so serious when it didn't seem like it needed to get there. so that's one of the things that investigators will be looking at, as well. >> let's talk about gun laws because i know they're considering gun laws in texas that would allow swron to carry a concealed weapon on a campus. they can't do that now, right? >> reporter: it's interesting. the texas legislators have gone through this debate several times.
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many years ago they passed a conceal handgun law where you can hear a handgun and that's what was used in this incident. but there are places where even despite having that license you you can't carry a handgun. churches and school campuses are one of those. ironically enough, there are lawmakers in austin that want to change that aspect of the concealed handgun law here in texas and allow students to carry guns on to campus. so we'll see how this plays out in that debate, as well. >> all right. ed lavendera, thanks so much. investigators say the new mexico teenager accused of murdering members of his family had hoped to go on a killing spree and die in a shoot-out with police. the 15-year-old was arrested saturday night after deputies found the bodies of his mother, father, brother and two of his sisters. the boy told investigators he was frustrated with his mother and hoped to he said his shooting spree inside a walmart store. authorities say the teen used a 22 caliber rifle and ar-15 sim
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automatic in the killings. in less than four hours, hillary clinton faces a grilling over the deadly attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi. she's expected to facing a aggressive questioning. among the expected yeses, revisiting why a request for additional security by officials on the ground in libya weren't heeded. in october, clinton told cnn she accepted responsibility for the stevens and three other americans you see there. we'll talk about adam kinzinger, he was tapped to serve on the 40 house subcommittee on middle east and north africa. his perspective on hillary clinton's testimony. and wolf and jake tapper will air the special coverage of the hearing starting at the 9:00. >> nas ice to have jake tapper
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here. general allen has been cleared of any wrongdoing. a u.s. defense official tells cnn that general john allen has been cleared of charges that he wrote inappropriate e-mails to this woman, jill kelley. she's the woman whether claimed she was being threatened by paula broadwell. and she's speaking out for the first time since being wrapped up in the petraeus scandal. she says she's upset with law enforcement and the media's handling of the story and sheing a nids over the loss of her family's privacy. she said, quote, we've sxerned how careless handling of our information by law enforcement and irresponsible you intoes headlines endanger set zencitiz privacy. they're asking congress to consider stronger electronic privacy protection. can we get to the story
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everyone is talking about? beyonce. did she or didn't she. millions of americans saw and heard. but only a few know for sure if beyonce's performance on inauguration day was live or recorded. what's the truth? we will take a closer look coming up.
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did beyonce fake it at the inauguration? conflicting reports still this morning. let's give one more listen. ♪ and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night ♪
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>> marine corps band stirred up t controversy. released this note, regarding her performance, no one in the marine band is in position to assess whether it was live or pre-recorded. still waiting for comment from beyonce. we did hear from reps for kelly clarkson and james taylor, they both confirmed those two artists did sing live. let's bring in john murray. do you think she was singing? >> i'm more surprised that kelly clarkson and james taylor actually sang live. it's an epic historic event. artists who air on the side of being perfect and caution in situations like this, you know, they want to give the best showing. people will be playing these
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tapes for years and years to on come. most artists do pre-record vocals and she released photos of her pre-recording. but most do just in case the elements prevent you from being at your best so i'm not surprised that she did lip sync if she confirms that she had. >> the marine band offering conflicting accounts. earlier they said she lip siyn synced. they said it was determined that a live performance was ill advised. each piece of music scheduled for performance in the inauguration is pre-recorded for use in case of freezing temperatures, equipment failure, et cetera. you say it's pretty standard. and then she pulled out her earpiece which suggests some sort of feedback. some are saying was she singing to her own voice.
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we just don't know. >> it could have been her lips wouldn't have synced up. but she's in great company. they've all lip synced at major events and we know they all can deliver live. >> this is someone who clearly has -- i mean, her pipes are excellent. anyone who has seen her life knows she can do the whole thing. which is why i think some are saying it was just one song in front of the president. it wasn't 10 degrees out. it was 30 degrees. why not just sing it. >> you know what nerves can do, but this is a singer who can
2:17 am
sing live. we're not talking britney spears or paula abdul. she sings live for a living. we know beyonce can do that. so i give her a pass. and she's been critical of singers who lip siync on shows because there you should sing live. >> the conflicting reports make the story still live. j john murray, nice to see you this morning. beyonce strangely silent up until this point only adding to the mystery. 16 minutes after the hour. we want to bring you up to speed on the headlines. from the upper midwest to the mid-atlantic, we're seeing and feeling the coldest temperatures so far this winter. it feels like 7 degrees in washington, d.c., near 0 in new york city and well below 0 in fargo, north dakota. blamed for at least four deaths so far. more than 300 firefighters
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had to deal with 7 degree temperature its as they battled a raging warehouse fire on the south side of chicago. flames broke out around 10:00 inside an empty warehouse, quickly spread to another building. took crews about two hours to bring the fire under control in those frigid temperatures. it was one of the biggest fires to hit will the city in years. one year after joe paterno's death, supporters are paying tribute. whp reporting hundreds of people braved single digit temperatures yesterday to visit a mural in state college featuring paterno and other prominent penn state figures. a halo above paterno's head was removed an an image of sandusky was painted over. shakira is a mom. the 35-year-old columbian singer welcomed a baby boy tuesday night in barcelona. they named the little guy milan,
2:19 am
but not after the city. it has a number of meanings. >> congratulations. your local news making national headlines. los angeles, chris brown became the latest victim in what's being called celebrity swatting. police were called around 5:00 p.m. to respond to a domestic violence situation where the caller claimed his mother may have been shot. law enforcement turned up at what happened to be chris brown's house to find no begun, no fight, no nothing. no chris brown either. only a few staff members. and lautenberg is staying
2:20 am
busy. he spintroduced legislation makg it illegal to have a magazine with more than ten rounds. for all of our top stories, thoed you can also follow us on twitter, facebook. search for early start cnn. coming up, the housing market. i have got good news for you on your biggest asset, your biggest debt, your biggest in-ve the the, your house. something we haven't seen in this country in five years.
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u.s. stock futures are mixed. wish i could give you something more definitive. yesterday the dow, s&p 500, five year highs for stocks. closing at the highest level since december 2007.
2:24 am
good news for your 401(k). markets got a boost from strong correspondent earnings. we'll see where it goes, but so far companies have been squeezing out profits, not necessarily the hiring, and that's been good for their stock prices. now, home sales. this is something maybe you feel a little bit more directly. five year high for home sales. in december, sales of previously owned homes, existing homes the kind of thing that most of us are buying and selling a used home, up nearly 13% from a year ago. we spoke to the chief economist at zillow and asked if the worst is behind us. >> definitely the worst is behind us. after housing recession that's been almost five years in many parts of the country, we finally had our first full year of home value appreciation. home values were up almost 6% from where we were last december 2011 and we expect a pretty robust appreciation in 2013, as well, about half that. >> and have you seen these
2:25 am
mortgage rates? if you have a 5% mortgage or 6% mortgage, you still need to refinance immediately, because that's how you'll get money out of your house and into your pocket and budget. switching gears. day two of the world economic forum in davos. ali velshi is there, he's hobnobbing, talking to ceos and bankers and kings and princes. and jamie dimon, the ceo of jpmorgan, spoke this morning. what did he say? >> reporter: he said kind of what you were saying. the worst is behind us. we've seen increases in employment, increases in home sales, increases in the stock market. he was basically saying don't dwell on the past, stop being so hard on the bankers and by the way, that whole london wale thing that looked bad for jpmorgan last year, he's sorry about that. listen to how he apologized. >> i just want to point out no
2:26 am
customers -- terrible mistake. if you're a shareholder, mighty apologize deeply. but we did have record results and life goes on. >> reporter: that was that big series of trades that cost jp more began billions of dollars he basically waved that off and said don't worry about it. he also talked about critics who say that the banking system is okay. jamie dimon has not only been golden child of the banking industry, but one who has stood up in defense of the banking sector. he said it's not opaque, it's complicated and he followed it with the the line you don't understand how aircraft engines work either, do you. so it seemed a little flippant. you don't have to actually know how aircraft engines work. you have to know that they're going to work and when they stop working, you investigate them a little more closely. so his comments were a little
2:27 am
surprising this morning. >> i would call that vintage jamie dimon, too. okay. let's ask you about eric cantor. he's heading to davos today. >> reporter: yeah. so the republicans are going to vote on suspending the debt ceiling which is lot of people think it's a good idea to do forever. they won't have much opposition with that. and cantor with a conessional delegation, they'll come over to davos, he'll be in a panel on friday, and we'll talk to him when he gets here about the budget, about the debt ceiling debacle in the united states and about whether or not america with sort of capture this economic dinahism that you say talk about so much in the face of all of these problems going on in washington, the congress and inability to get anything done. can we actually overcome that and have a great year. >> all right. ali velshi? davos. thank you. so nice to see you. so interesting, too, they talk
2:28 am
about how the future will not be a u.s. and europe led world. it's china, india, some of these emerging markets. they talks about the next 100 year, not necessary lit next quarter. high drama below ground. coming up, the race to save a woman who falls on to the subway tracks. [ construction sounds ] ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪
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americans bundled up from the midwest to the the northeast. police officer caught on camera risking his own life to
2:32 am
save a woman from a speeding train. and we're talking to the celebrity with candid look at mental illness. welcome to early start. >> it is 5:30 in the east. do you know the date? we'll get back to you on the date. >> i can confirm it is wednesday. >> my feel are telling me it is january 23rd. thank you very much on that. one thing we do know, it is beyond bit early cold in some parts of the country. so cold people in some parts of the country like chicago bracing for their coldest day in two years. they're bundling up to protect the skip. and it's so cold that hot water vaporizes and freezes in midair. jennifer is inside the weather center tracking the bitter chill for us.
2:33 am
at least four reports of deaths now. jennifer, any relief on the way? >> we'll see a slight warm up, but temperatures dangerously cold. we're still talking some locations where it will be minus 35. if you're heading out the door in duluth, it feels a little bit better 2there. 7 in minneapolis. minus 1 in des moines. in chicago, the current windchill at 0. but you still need to dress warmly. new england including montpelier, it feels like minus 22 degrees. so, yes, we're talking about another day where temperatures well below freezing. but still we have these advisers in place, spreading from parts of the upper midwest. you can see from parts of minneapolis as well as other parts of the dakotas, all the way over towards new england where we have in fact a windchill warning.
2:34 am
this is going to be in place until this evening. so certainly you have to bundle up out there. this could lead to frost bite and even deaths through parts of the midwest as well as areas of the northeast. you want to know when we'll see improvement. look for areas like minneapolis. they know how to deal with the snow. they bundle up and make sure they protect their face and their hands and their clothes. that's where you lose the most body heat. and we're also talking about more lake-effect snow setting up for parts of new york as well as pennsylvania, michigan, you name it. >> today is the day for that ski mask. may not be glamorous, but wear it anyway. jennifer, thanks very much. >> every snowbird is just gig link right now. this is why they go down south. secretary of state hillary clinton expected to face tough questions this morning about
2:35 am
security failures of the u.s. diplomatic compound this benghazi. no bombshells really. jill dougherty is at the state department this morning. what's the latest, jill? >> reporter: well, in the aftermath of benghazi, there have been 30 hearings closed door briefings. but this is by far the most high profile and it's one of the last things that hillary clinton will be doing as secretary of state. on the evening of long a wait system by hillary clinton, new state department cables, sources telling cnn's jake tapper that investor chris stevens killed in the attack once proposed moving the mission where he died to a more secure location near a cia compound. but the department refused. >> what did the secretary of state know before, during and after? because the american people were clearly deceived.
2:36 am
>> aides say she's likely to repeat what she told cnn in october. >> day responsibility. i'm in charge of the state department. 60,000 plus people all over the world, 275 posts. are the she was the first top official to brief the full senate in closed session. since then, there have been more than 30 hearings and closed door briefings with state department officials present. but clinton's testimony was delayed by travel and by illness. >> she needs to be asked about what she knew about the deteriorating circumstances in benghazi, did she see the cable, was she informed of the rise of al qaeda militia. >> reporter: that cable warned the u.s. mission in benghazi was not secure enough to survive a coordinated attack. other senators claim clinton's state department has not handed over all communications on benghazi. >> the texting, the instant messaging, we really need to have a look at that, which we
2:37 am
haven't seen yet. >> reporter: others want to know what clinton knows about those misleading talking points, that u.n. ambassador susan rice used in the september 16th sunday talk show, and why clinton herself didn't appear instead. clinton is likely to tell congress how she has already ordered inch ple men it tags of recommendations from review, tightened security at posts worldwide, and sent threat analysts to over a dozen posts. will congress give hillary clinton a hard time? >> i'm sure she won't be beaten up. she's highly respected by everyone on the committee. >> reporter: but it may not be that easy. and there are a couple of other things to watch. one would be the political atmospherics of this. because in the senate, there are at least two people who potentially could be gop candidates for 2016 and that of course is what might happen with
2:38 am
secretary clinton. and then of course you have this issue of the security backing if you want to call it in algeria and mali. and there might be some questioning on that, as well. >> political atmospherics. always that, isn't there. thank you, jill. big day on capitol hill today. meanwhile also on the hill, house republicans shifting strategy. they say they believe they have the votes to pass a short term debt ceiling increase today and seek deep intending cuts later. their plan was to spend the $16.4 trillion debt limit to allow the u.s. to keep borrowing money to pay its bills for another three months, then increase the legal limit to that new debt level. confusing but important politically. in exchange they're calling on the senate to pass a budget by spring. >> rimportant chess move in the debt talks. exit polls from tuesday's election in israel show netanyahu will almost certainly hold on to his job. the surprising surge of a new
2:39 am
centrist party has weakened netanyahu's power, but could ease strained relations with the u.s. and signal a good sign for more flexibility for peace efforts. >> so much closer than anyone thought. a candid look at mental illness in a very famous family. mayor yell he called running from crazy. more from her and her documentary coming up. [ loud party sounds ]
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sundance film festival is in full swing and half a dozen documentaries are catching the eyes of the distributors. now, one documentary in particular caught the eye of our very own zoraida, it involves the author ernest hemingway. tell us about this movie, running with crazy.
2:43 am
>> reporter: it is running with crazy. and it stars mariel hemingway, it is her documentary. and she was running around like crazy yesterday promoting this film. and we talked about the fact that her grandfather, earnest hemingway, shottest in the head and that her sister, margo, died of a drug overdose. >> we go a little bit into my grandfather. the reason why he killed himself is because he was very depressed and couldn't write anymore. and then his father had killed himself and my grandmother's father had killed himself and high great uncle and my uncle and -- and then my sister, margo. >> so you see the girl sitting next to her, that is her daughter, langley, and she actually saw the film for the first time here at sundance. and i asked her how did it feel for you to sit there and listen to your mother share all of her deep dark secrets. here's what she had to say.
2:44 am
>> if you just like -- if you ultimate yourself into a position where you're going to not see the sunshine every day or just like one step at a time, and, you know, it's intense. and nobody realizes that the easiness of just one step, you know. and so i think that obviously she wants to help you. she will see anybody on the street and it's like -- she'll talk to anybody. >> i got to tell you, i spent a lot of time with her daughter, langley, yesterday. and one of mariel's goals is to dispel the myth of the curse of the hemingways. and her daughter is so incredibly well adjusted, she's so proud of her mom and all the good work that cease doing on mental health and depression. and she's so proud that she took the time to tell her story and to really dig as deep as she did. so it was really a great experience and i told mariel you've done a great job with your kid. >> such a famous family.
2:45 am
really interesting to see their bearing their souls for the whole word to see. there is big news about one of the other films at sundance. tell us about this. >> big news is probably an understatement p. because this is potentially $10 million news. and it's the reason filmmakers come here. they want people to see their films, they want people to buy their films. is the film is called way, way back. and it's being compared to little miss sunshine which was a darling here at the sundance festival some years back. the two directors are the same directors that won an oscar for the descendancenscendants just . so a lot of buzz and who knows what the potential is. some are thinking it could bes on oscar worthy. we have not confirmed that it is purchased by sony, but that is the buzz. >> on the cutting edge of the film news. great to see you this morning.
2:46 am
stay warm. and idescendants. slept movie. dramatic rescue caught on camera. a woman saved after falling right into the path of and oncoming train. terrifying. and a mystery disease thought to be caused by hard hits on a football field. but a new test that could help save lives. >> in this is big news.
2:47 am
2:48 am
dramatic video from spain.
2:49 am
a woman fainted and fell off a subway platform. the off duty officer can be seen jumping on to the tracks from the other side of the platform. and then running to help the woman. pulling her out of the path of oncoming train. it took him less than 20 seconds to get the woman out of harm's way. >> guy's a hero. all right. executive director of the nra wayne lapierre had harsh words for president obama. he accused the president of attacking gun owners by proposing a federal gun registry and expanded background checks for anyone purchasing a gun. >> there's only two reasons for a federal list on gun owners. to either tax them or take them. that's the only reason. >> lapierre went on to criticize the president's inaugural speech seeing parts of it at an attack on the nra, the second amendment and gun owners themselves.
2:50 am
though there was not a single mention of gun control in monday's speech. >> he did say the word newtown. the disease that most likely played a role in the death of player respect difficult to define because it can't be diagnosed in living people. a new study out of ucla may have changed that. dr. sanjay gupta plains. >> reporter: when he was a backup quarterback in the nfl, wayne clark was lucky to call a play. or throw a pass. in fact he spent most of his time on the sidelines. >> so i didn't take the steady contacts that other players did. >> reporter: except for one game. one concussion in 1972. >> i went down in a slump because i didn't know where i was and what was going. >> reporter: he spent several bleary hours confused. and then boarded a plane back home. >> somewhere over new mexico or arizona, i finally became aware
2:51 am
of what was going on again. >> reporter: clark's brain was rattled. but it only happened once during his five year career. >> thescan -- >> reporter: and that's what makes this picture of his brain so perplexing. researchers say he has an abnormal protein in his brain. it's pain found in the brains of several former nfl players. dave duerson, junior seau, all had serious cognitive and emotional problems address eventually committed suicide and were diagnosed with cte or chronic traumatic encephalopathy. clark is cognitively normal. let me show you what i'm talking about. that's a normal brain scan compared to two players in the study who had had at least one concussion. you can 3450edly tell there are bright areas of yellow and red. that's what the researchers believe indicate the presence.
2:52 am
cte in its most severe cases has memory problem, depression and anger. so not just whether or not the protein is present, but whether it's present in the parts of the brain responsible to though emotions. the lead researcher said he found it in all five players in the study, ta thauchlt until u be seen after death. >> what pathologists have seen is little tau deposits. >> reporter: small is cautiously optimistic that this brain scan will eventually diagnose cte in living people. >> it's a step forward, but it's a baby step. because it's not specific to tau. >> reporter: robert stern, a cte expert at the boston university school of medicine, is a bit more skeptical. he says small's brain scan doesn't just measure tau, it measures another protein called
2:53 am
am ma amel oichlt chlt dichlt which is present in all timer's disease. >> we don't know if its he tau or both. >> reporter: could the players be suffering from cte, always timer's or did other disease? so as you can see, the study is far from conclusive. but if it does pan out, if could give us a better idea of what cte looks like, how it progresses over the years and maybe even how to treat it. dr. small who you just met in the piece there has done a lot of work in the world of alzheimer's, and he wonders if some of the same interventions could also work for cte. reducing stress, improved diet, anti-inflammatorie anti-inflammatories. it will be a while before can he test the hypothesis, but that's what dr. small and lots of others are angling toward.
2:54 am
>> boston researchers recently studied the brains of 35 desaysed football players. 34 of the 35 brains showed evidence of cte. >> a lot of people talking about this study. there are major implications for the very future of the sport. so important you can important research going on. we have a packed hour ahead on early s.t.a.r.t. including the day republicans have been waiting for, a chance to glil secretary of state hillary clinton on the terror attack this benghazi that killed one of her ambassadors. what could happen today. we will ask one lawmaker who will be face to face with mrs. clinton today. plus more on the major scandal, beyonce's star spangled banner, everyone agrees she killed it, but did she lip sync it. who cares and why won't anybody just clear it up for us? the pulse of the entertainment world.
2:55 am
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2:58 am
57 after the hour. welcome back. we're taking a look at a top cnn trend on the internet this morning. >> 33 million aunt counting. justin bieber is now the most followed human on twitter. he passed a very famous nuclear physicist.
2:59 am
no, just kidding. he leapfrogged lady gaga. he had about 33 million 333,000 followers. gaga is still beating him on facebook. >> toss some my way. in about a decade, bieber may want in on this tour. get ready to scream like it's 1999 or 1989 really. because new kids on the block, boys 2 men, and 98 degrees all hitting the road together this summer. my goodness. breaking news. they confirmed this on twitter. new kids will release a new album in april. they toured with back street boys about two years ago about that. >> and now all their fans have to go out and get baby-sitters to see the bands they loved in high school. late night laughs. jon stewart addressing anthem gate. >> to address the powerful
3:00 am
controversy out of washington. >> this has never happened before where the performance was pre-taped. >> it's worse than that. it may not have been beyonce at all. but noted manti te'o prankster. either way, it's still better than what we would have had if romney won. ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea >> nailed it. >> that was meatloaf in case you missed it. >> really funny. >> "early start" continues right now.
3:01 am
bone chilling deadly cold affecting millions with windchills dipping in to the negative double digits. in just a few hours, hillary clinton's long awaited and long delayed testimony on the attack that killed a u.s. attack that killed a u.s. ambassador. ♪ on bombs bursting in air anthemgate. was beyonce's rendition prerecorded? >> say it ain't so. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. zoraida sambolin on assignment in sundance in utah. she'll join us in a moment. way cold on the east. four deaths linked to the bitter cold snap hitting the upper midwest, mid-atlantic and new england right now. some people bracing for the coldest day in two years. bundling up to protect skin from subzero zero windchills.
3:02 am
so cold in fargo, north dakota. so cold in fargo, north dakota, that hot water vaporizes, then freezes in mid air. that really happens, folks. meteorologist jennifer delgado on the scene in the weather center in atlanta. everyone wants to know will it warm up? >> it will warm up, but it will take a while. a lot of us have done the science experiment to throw the water and see it freeze. windchill values in the double digits. minus 20 in parts of pennsylvania. once again, dealing with an area, of an advisory and windchill from the upper midwest to new england, and new england, they will feel the brunt of it today. we'll see windchill values from minus 30 to in us in 40, and this advisory in some places are in effect until later this evening. what it feels like, in new york,
3:03 am
zero. good for you. above zero for providence, minus 3 and albany, minus 8. add in the wind, of course, with the cold temperatures out there. that could lead to potential frostbite. hypothermia or even death. you want to make sure are you dressing warmly. and relief. detroit, 32. by friday, still well below average. for new york, typically 38 degrees for this time of the year. today, high of 21. thursday and friday, 22, 25 degrees. now, as we show you some storm totals for the snow yesterday, some locations nearly 2 feet of snow. more snow on the way. lake-effect snow. but we have a new feature as well. snow developing through west virginia. also a very slight chance we could see some of this popping up in central virginia. not very confident with that, but i can tell you this. we are confident it is cold and
3:04 am
you need to be cautious out there. bundle up this morning. >> good advice. a lot of cold temperatures. minus 40. wow! >> minus 40. >> in other news, a 22-year-old man under arrest charged with aggravated assault fog following a shooting incident that left three people injured. the suspect, one of three people wounded. seen arguing with another man on campus. a maintenance worker described another i understancident where man was injured. ed lavendera live in houston. what happened, why? >> reporter: well, this all started with apparently an altercation between two people there on the campus of lonestar college and not clear if both of these -- both of the people involved in the altercation were students. we're told by authorities that one of them had a student i.d.,
3:05 am
but we haven't been told if the second person involved was a student at lonestar college as well. but that altercation and that argument escalated with one of the men pulling out a handgun and beginning the shooting. ich left one person wounded as well as the shooter, ended up getting wounded as well. and that person standing by, a maintenance worker shot in the leg. and is also being treated in the hospital. nobody was killed, and then a fourth person in the mele, suffered a heart attack. a chaotic situation. investigators have filed aggravated assault charges against 22-year-old carlton barry. not clear if any more charges will be filed as well. but a chaotic scene as you can imagine after shootings in aurora, colorado, newtown, connecticut, many students in the early moments as the gunfire was erupting were wondering if they would be at the scene of another massacre. many students terrified, as you described it, chaotic situation
3:06 am
as people reacted to the gunfire that erupted on the campus. >> because of the frequency of those sorts of events, so much emphasis on gun laws. what can you tell us about the gun used? >> reporter: it's a handgun. we asked if it was a gun that was purchased legally or own legally. it shouldn't have been here. there is a concealed law, but you can't carry it anywhere even with the license. there is a long list of where you can't carry the gun. churches and school campuses some of the more prominent locations where you can't take a handgun. questions about that as well. it also comes at an interesting time. here in the state of texas, there are lawmakers in the state legislature in session pushing to allow students to carry guns onto campus. this in the midst of that
3:07 am
debate, which will pick up steam in the state of texas as well. >> ed lavendera, thank you. the new mexico teenager accused of murdering members of his family had hoped to go on a killing spree and die in a shoot-out with police. he was arrested saturday night after deputies found the bodies of his mother, brother, father and two of his sisters in their home. he was frustrated with his mother and hoped to end the shooting spree inside a walmart store. >> we also know at this time nehemiah had been contemplating this for some time. the information nehemiah had contemplated going to a local walmart and participating in another shooting there is accurate. >> he used a semi automatic rifle. he will be tried as an adult. in a few hours, secretary of
3:08 am
state hillary clinton faces a grilling. she is expected to face aggressive questioning from members of the snoot foreign relations committee and the house foreign affairs committee. among likely questions. visiting why requests for additional security by officials on the ground in libya weren't heeded. clinton told cnn she accepted responsible for the attack that killed christopher stevens and three others americans. we'll talk with adam kinzinger in illinois. he is a major in the illinois national guard and he just tapped to serve on a committee on the middle east and africa. his perspective. you can join wolf blitzer and jake tapper who will air special coverage of the hearings. >> our welcome to jake tapper here at cnn. top general caught up in the scandal that caused david
3:09 am
petraeus to resign has been cleared of wrongdoing. general john allen cleared of charges that he wrote inappropriate e-mails to this woman, jill kelley. general petraeus' biographer and mistress had threatened kelley. kelley speaking out for the first time since being wrapped up in this scandal. upset with both law enforcement and the media's handling of the story and agonizes over the loss of her family's privacy in a "washington post" opinion speech, she says "we have experienced how careless handling of our information by law enforcement and irresponsible news headlines endanger privacy." she and her husband scott are asking congress to consider stronger privacy protections against law enforcement. probably your number one investment. your biggest asset, biggest debt. biggest bill every month. your house. coming up, the housing market. something we haven't seen in
3:10 am
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mind your own business, john berman. minding your business. that's our business segment. stock futures trading mixes this morning. you know what? good news for you. s & p and dow yesterday, five-year highs. good news for the 401(k). markets got a boost from strong corporate earnings. maybe you will feeling this more than in your 401(k). home sales. five-year high for home sales. in december, existing home sales up 13% from a year ago. the chief economist at zil low tells us the worst is behind us. >> definitely the worst is behind us. after the housing recession almost five years in many parts of the country, we had our first year of home value appreciation. up 6% from last december 2011.
3:14 am
and we expect a pretty robust 2013 as well. half that. 3.3% appreciationory the next year. >> a long way to go since we're back to 2007 levels. almost everyone is forecasting a slow, steady advance. day two of the economic for numb davos. ali velshi is there. tell us what jamie dimon is saying about banking regulation, ali. >> christine, you know, you've been here. highest city in switzerland. the air is thin and people say something that they might not say in less formal settings. the ceo of jpmorgan, outspoken in defense of the banking sector. he said on a banking panel, everybody needs to back off the banks a little bit. they are not evil. we do a lot of good. he made a specific reference to the fact that big banks like
3:15 am
jpmorgan fund the federal deposit insurance corporation, the fdic, saves banks and depositors when small banks go under and took issue with critics that say the banking system is opaque. not transparent. listen to what he said. >> businesses can be opaque, they are complex. you don't know how aircraft engines work either, okay. there will be a financial services business. loans equity, capital markets, mortgages, all those things will be required. >> so he's painting a picture of how they are complex businesses. richard quest and i, the aircraft engine thing, i get the point is he making. when an aircraft engine doesn't work, it becomes a very serious problem, and those of us who don't understand them work harder to understand them. we want them to work. with the banking sector like the aircraft engine, it stopped working, but it affected the
3:16 am
global environment. so a lot of discussion about those kinds of comments around here. as you know, jamie dimon direct in saying back off the banks, not all the banks, christine. >> quickly, ali, the house majority leader heading to davos today, and house republicans, looks like they are trying to defuse for now some drama in the debt ceiling. >> yeah, they will vote on the idea they put it off -- they don't put it off. suspend the debt ceiling which is an idea that a lot of people think should be in place forever. only two countries have a debt ceiling. they will do this for three months. april 15th, back to the debate. they folded a little bit. they said they absolutely wouldn't deal with the debt ceiling. a half measure, they will suspend it. eric cantor coming here to take part in a panel on friday afternoon about economic dynamism. i'm surprised that anybody from davos is inviting americans to talk about it. i'm not sure what he will get
3:17 am
out of it. he will be here and hopefully we can speak to him about what's going on in the u.s. and in the world. >> the u.s. and europe leading the world, not so much. when you go to davos, they are talking about other big players. ali velshi, thanks. 15 minutes after the hour. other news around the world. from the upper midwest to the mid-atlantic and new england, seeing and feeling the coldest temperatures so far this winter. feels like 7 degrees in washington, d.c. near zero in new york city. and well below zero in fargo, north dakota. this arctic blast is reportedly blamed for four deaths so far. in the cold, more than 300 firefighters had to deal with 7-degree temperatures to battle a raging warehouse fire on the south side of chicago. flames broke out around 10:00 in an empty warehouse on south ashland avenue. it took fire crews two hours to bring it under control.
3:18 am
this was one of the biggest blazes to hit the city in years. serena williams upset. she took it out on her racket. sloan stevens upset serena 6-5, 5-7-4-6. >> look at the racket. >> the racket going in the trash bin. >> needs a cup of chamomile tea. that is one crunched racket. 17 minutes past the hour. local reads making national headli headlines. "the new york times," details about how and when the fake girlfriend story of manti te'o came to light. deadspin came out with it while espn found out about it. >> news move so fast.
3:19 am
>> you have to be right and first. >> 17 minutes after the hour. "the washington post," government's remaining 450 research chimps could be sent into retirement. chimps could only be used on projects that couldn't be done with people or other animals like rats, mice or monkeys. two of the 30 funded projects could meet criteria. i've been to a chimp haven. wonderful place for chimps like this to end up. take chimps that used in science and give them a place to live out the reminder of their lives. >> for an expanded look, head to follow us on twitter and facebook. search for earlystartcnn. the battle after the battle. clinical psychology is on the front line of struggles with ptsd. a virtual reality therapy for vets and focusing on a preemptive strike. the next list.
3:20 am
>> war is going to be changed. it's a reality. on the other hand, ptsd is a significant challenge. not about being weak. it's about having an experience of stress. really has a neurological impact. >> we've seen now potentially hundreds of thousands of veteran who's may be returning from iraq or afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder. conservative estimates say one in five folks coming home. >> we want to prepare people to deal with stress better and help them fight through the challenges in the aftermath of stress. i'm skip rizzo, clinical psychologist. >> check out "the next list," sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern. millions of americans saw and heard it. there she is. and only a few for sure know if
3:21 am
that performance was live or recorded. was beyonce singing? why does anybody care? why won't they clear it up? a closer look, coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
3:22 am
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3:24 am
so did she or didn't she? did beyonce fake it at the inauguration? conflicting reports still this morning. give it another listen. ♪ and the rocket's red glare the bomb's bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ >> the marine corps band stirred up the controversy by saying she did not actually sing.
3:25 am
but then they released this statement. regarding ms. knowles-carter's vocal performance, no one in the marine band is in a position to assess whether it is live or prerecorded." we heard from reps of james taylor and kelly clarkson that confirm they both sang live. let's bring in john murphy of i was in a platform just over beyonce watching the whole thing. i couldn't tell whether she was singing or not. what do you think? >> the sign of a professional, john. a good professional will lever never let you know if they are lip-synching. here is the deal. beyonce can sing live. we have been to her concerts, seen plenty of performances. for an historic event, if she used to use prerecorded vocals, we give her a pass. just like whitney houston, neil
3:26 am
diamond, and others have used at the super bowl. there are certain elements -- your voice is an instrument. you have laryng inclaryngitis. >> she took her earpiece out, does that indicate anything? >> ever seen janet jackson or britney spears, they have earpieces and lip sync the entire show. you have to hear yourself and the music. for your mouth to be in sync for what's prerecorded. you have to make sure the sound is balanced out. >> if she did, she would be no way the first to do it. i saw millivanilla van ivan i
3:27 am
millivanilli in concert. >> here is the difference. millivanilli lip synced to someone else's voice. beyonce sang to her own. let's not forget, four years ago, cellist yo-yo ma did a prerecorded version of himself playing an actual instrument. if the person playing an you instrument can't to it live, the one with an audible sound gets a pass. i don't think she owes us anything. modern technology and all of the gadgets, everything we have going on, makes everything so accessible. we know better than anything, beyonce can keep a secret if she doesn't want us to know something she will never answer it. >> john murray, of alwa thank you. high drama below ground. the race to save a woman who falls onto the subway tracks. to the best vacation spot on earth.
3:28 am
(all) the gulf! it doesn't matter which of our great states folks visit. mississippi, alabama, louisiana or florida, they're gonna love it. shaul, your alabama hospitality is incredible. thanks, karen. love your mississippi outdoors. i vote for your florida beaches, dawn. bill, this louisiana seafood is delicious. we're having such a great year on the gulf, we've decided to put aside our rivalry. now is the perfect time to visit anyone of our states.
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starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
3:31 am
dangerous cold. temperatures below zero. how americans bundled up from the mideast to the northeast. gun bargains, groupon changing its policy and could be sued for it. hero wichl no hesitation. a police officer risks his own life to save a woman from a speeding train. an amazing picture. zoraida joins us from the sundance film festival in a few moments. i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. four deaths as parts of the northern u.s. deal with blistering winter cold. people in some areas bracing for the coldest day in two years. bunling up, covering up everything to protect skin from
3:32 am
subzero windchills. minnesota, wisconsin, and the great lakes are locked in the deep freeze, which could stick around until the weekend. and we are tracking the bitter chill. i went to college in iowa, these are the kinds of days where you walk across campus and you can't feel anything, even with gloves, mittens, snow pants. it is cold. >> those are the days when are you maybe like i should stay in the house for my own safety. are you right, christine. it is going to be bitterly cold from areas in the upper midwest. we are dealing with windchills minus 25 to minus 35. even in the mid-atlantic and new england. they will be shivering. we have windchill warnings for parts of new england. and we could see them drop down to minus 4 degrees. when we talk about weather like this, it could prove to be deadly. a bit of a warming trend. it's still cold. don't get me wrong.
3:33 am
duluth, minus 19. and it feels like 3 in chicago. that's your windchill. still very cold. parts of the northeast, very coll. high temperatures climbing very slightly. areas like chicago. you are reaching 25. and for new york. a high of 22 degrees. not everybody is shivering. not everybody minds this cold weather. we have video coming in to us, out of indianapolis. you will see people heading to the zoo. you can see a tiger there. he's like all right. a leittl chilly. but the polar bears, and a nice day. i like the cold temperatures. they will continue to be well below average. we will also talk about more lake-effect snow. we could see some locations picking up another 3 to 6 inches of snowfall in the southwestern part of the u.s.
3:34 am
record warmth. in some locations, 10 to 20 degrees. >> i love your optimism. a beautiful day in the upper midwest if you are a penguin or burglar bear. . >> layers of fur. >> the polar bear says hey. >> and today is the day that many republicans, many people everywhere have been waiting for. hillary clinton in one of her final acts of secretary of state will testify about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. she is going before the senate foreign relations committee and the house foreign relations committee. she was going to testify previously but suffered from illness and a concussion. she was hospitalized for a blood clot in her head. she returned after leaving the hospital. i want to bring in adam
3:35 am
kinzinger. what is the one question you want to have her answer? >> look -- good morning. i'm a major in the air force, air national guard. i still fly. and one of the early things i learned as a pilot. your country will be there to support you, and what i'm curious about, there were two basically separate attacks in this that happened and there was a seven-hour lull between the first and second. the question, why were assets not put overhead during that lull, during that time. when we could have had support? that's a big question. the other big thing was this. we were told immediately after the attack, this was the result of the youtube video i heard the secretary herself say it. even during the attack, members of the state department knew, in fact, this was a terrorist attack and knew there were terrorist organizations claiming responsibility. it will be a very respectful hearing. i respect the secretary's service to her country. the american people deserve a
3:36 am
lot of answers to what's going on. >> an independent accountabl accountableability review board, did not find that any individual u.s. government employee engaged in misconduct or willfully ignored his or her responsibilities and, therefore, did not find reasonable cause to believe that an individual breached his or her duty as to be the subject of a recommendation for disciplinary action. you want more than that? >> i do. we need to ask who knew what and when. was she briefed what was going on? what information did the white house have? the white house would have been the folks that could have dispatched any kind of dod, department of defense assets overhead to prevent further attacks, or to save personnel under fire. i think there are a lot of questions, and, again, the day after we were told this was a youtube video, and we knew otherwise. so it does leave questions as to what we are being told. a respectful hearing, but we need to have answers to this.
3:37 am
and the american people deserve it. a number of months, four americans unfortunately were killed in this process. we need to ensure accountability, and is it doesn't happen again in the future. >> david petraeus says multiple streams of intelligence from different sources and that may be where the confusion lies. that's not a satisfying answer? >> it's not. look, when you have e-mails sent among department personnel saying a group is claiming responsibility for this, calling it a terrorist attack and then we fin out later this was, in fact, a terrorist attack, in a short amount of time, i'm curious as to why it was so quickly blamed on a youtube video, when the reality that a youtube video would spark mass protest, organize an attack against our embassy, doesn't make a lot of sense. it is a question as to why that was the result. was administration trying to downplay the seriousness of the
3:38 am
attack prior to the election? did that have a role to play in the fact that military assets weren't put overhead, whether it's an f-16 that can see what's on the ground or do nonviolent maneuvers that f-16s can do to disperse crowds. our responsibility to get to the bottom of it. >> a day a lot of people have been waiting for. house side, 2:00 p.m., we know you will be there. >> thanks. have a good day. and shifting strategy in debt negotiations. they believe they have the votes to pass a short-term debt increase today and seek deep spending cuts later. their plan would suspend the $16.4 trillion debt limit to allow the u.s. to pay bills for another three months and increase the legal limit to whatever you the new debt level would be. and they are calling on the senate to pass a budget by spring. >> wayne la pierre has accused
3:39 am
the president of of attacking gun owners by expanding a registry and demanding background checks. this is what he said. >> there are only two reasons for a federal list on gun owners, to either tax them or take them. it's the only reason. >> la pierre criticize the president's inauguration speech. there was not a single mention specifically of gun control in monday's speech. from now on, you won't be able to get gun-related daily deals on groupon. they had been offering bargains on shooting ranges and concealed weapons courses for eight months, but has decided to scrap the offers. the decision, based on customer feedback. a texas gun shop owner isn't happy. he offered a 50% off for a
3:40 am
concealed weapons class and was selling well. an offduty police officer's act of heroism is getting plenty of hits. this happened in madrid. the officer wasted no time at all when a woman fainted and fell on the subway tracks below. he is seen jumping on the tracks to the other side of the platform, running to help her, pulling her out of the path of an oncoming train. took him less than 20 seconds. >> almost like instinct for him. just went after her. unbelievable. a lawsuit filed in georgia after the department of driver's services requested gay-themed vanity plates. he wanted it 4 gay lib, gay power, and gay guy. they are on the state's banned list. gilbert wants to overturn that. justin bieber, the most followed person on twitter.
3:41 am
leap frogged lady gaga, and this morning, he had 33,330,000 followers. lady gaga, still beating justin bieber on facebook with 55 million likes to his 50 million. but who is counting? not mars or even the moon. coming up, how asteroids could be the key to exploring outer space. a dog's tale of getting caught in the freezing cold. there is a happy ending to this, i assure you. and we'll have it, just ahead. ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the mide of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containing zolpidem, such as ambien.
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soledad o'brien with a look at what's ahead on "starting point." good morning. ahead on "starting point" secretary of state hillary clinton will testify before congress on the deadly terrorist attack on the consulate in benghazi. what she knew? could the state department do more to protect americans overseas? we'll speak with ed royce and jason chaffetz and wolf blitzer joins us as war. they are changing how we fight wars and how we surveil
3:45 am
people in the united states. unmanned drones. do they compromise the right to privacy? the risk of having 30,000 drones? the estimate of the number by 2020. a new special on pbs about the power of drones. we'll speak with the filmmaker. and controversy around the globe. watch this. ♪ >> live or membrane orex? did she lip sync the performance? we're talking about that as well. >> you told me i should lip sync the rest of the morning. >> you said you could sing. >> i don't need to lip sync when i'm in front of a million people on inauguration day. no, no, no. seriously, forget that. i was standing really close to her. i couldn't tell if she was singing or not. >> we all know she's a fantastic singer and sing under unbelievable circumstances. on the stage, singing, dancing,
3:46 am
running around. >> does it bother you, or do you not care? >> i just want resolution. i just need resolution. >> you need to know so you can move on with your life. >> i would rather she sing. >> because are you such a good singer. >> out of respect to me. i wish beyonce sang. 44 minutes after the hour. up to speed on the stories around the country. we are seeing and feeling the coldest temperatures so far this winter. feels like 7 degrees in washington, d.c. near zero here in new york city. well below zero in fargo north dakota. arctic blast blamed for four deaths so far. >> earlier in the week, would have been a very cold inauguration. one year after joe paterno's death, supporters paying tribute. whp reporting hundreds of people braved single digit temperatures to visit a mural featuring paterno and other penn state figures. following jerry sandusky's child
3:47 am
sex scandal, a halo of paterno's head was removed. dallas cowboys nose tackle jay ratliff arrested for driving while intoxicated. his pickup truck in an accident with an 18 whif whe 818-wheeler. last month, josh brent charged with intoxicated manslaughter following a crash that killed his teammate jerry brown jr. exit polls from the parliamentary election in israel shows benjamin netanyahu will almost certainly hold on to his job. but with much less support than expected. there could be more flexibility for peace efforts with palestinians. final decision on expanding
3:48 am
the keystone pipeline must be approved by the president, but the nebraska governor has approved the route through that state. after heavy emphasis on the climate change in the president's inaugural speech, approval may be less certain than ever. first lady michelle obama's red inaugural ball dress, one of the first items donated to the future obama presidential library. the dress, by jason wu, goes to the national archives for now. many first lady gowns are on exhibit at the smithsonian. a new company getting ready to mine asteroids in space. deep sea industries may begin sending unmanned scout probes to asteroids as soon as 2015. larger spacecraft capable in bringing back 50 to 100-pound samples could be blasting off by 2016. the company wants to travel 31 million miles to space to mine
3:49 am
asteroids for metals and compounds that could be used to make fuel to power spacecrafts. police in chicago, refused to let a dog freeze to death after he got stuck on an icy lake michigan. poor guy. when an officer tried to rescue the guy, the nervous dog ran away. a tranquilizer calmed the dog down and they captured him. coming up, live to utah to see how one superstar is turning swag into a powerful force for good. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed to escape the ordinary. it feels like it can escape gravity. ♪
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so the sundance film festival in full swing. star-driven comedies and a half dozen documentaries are attracting distributors in the indy snow right now. big news developing overnight. one particular film in sundance, getting a big welcome surprise. sfwlor aid y
3:53 am
zoraida sambolin here to tell us about it. >> this could be one of the riches deals in sundance history. we talked about it earlier. the film called "the way way back." this is the cast. it actually sold to fox search light, a reported $10 million. haven't confirmed that. but a lot of swag. this is a coming of age comedy. being compared to "little ms. sunshine." a sleeper darling. reuniting steve carell and tony colette. two directors, same who won a screen writing oscar for "the d descendents." and a daniel radcliffe film "kill your darlingdarlings," pi by sony picture classics. a lot of buzz and controversy
3:54 am
surrounding this film. a very graphic sex scene in the film. and we'll talk about that a little later on "starting point." you know, it's really interesting the first one we were talking about. "the way way back." everyone talking about sex at sundance. it's really interesting that one is the one creating a lot of buzz, because there is no sex. and we're talking about the swag given to the celebrities. something really cool here, reverse swag. an opportunity for celebrities to give back. swag, on main street, it's hard to go anywhere without getting. from a popup restaurant with free food to big ticket items reserved for biggest stars this year a major celebrity is out to reverse swag. jon bon jovi and
3:55 am
asking attendees to donate free stuff. the goal? to help victims of superstorm sandy. "mad men" january jones signed a board that will auctioned online. jason isaacs donated true rerelingon jeans. >> people give you things all the time which is lovely. but i feel guilty. and so i'm thrilled that i hooked up with jon bon jovi's charity and possibly help the victims of sandy. >> you know, really great to see celebrities giving back. but i have to tell you, right behind me is main street. i was walking up and down, because i wanted to bring you back some swag. and my camera guy, tom larson stopped by a place, because he thought they were giving away male lingerie. sow stopped dead in his tracks,
3:56 am
we'll wait in line for the male lingerie. it wasn't male lingerie, but it was this. nail lingerie. either way, i decided to pick up a couple of them for you. >> a win either way the way i see it, zoraida. >> a little nail lingerie. >> it is the thought that counts. >> it is intoday. >> always thinking of me and my undergarments. >> it will really spruce up your weekly manicure. coming up, today's best advice from a pioneering cyclist coming up.
3:57 am
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3:59 am
>> today, american cyclist. john eustice. >> that's a tough question.


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